Five tips to noticing trends in PR

As budding PR professionals it is imperative that we notice key trends and capitalize on them before they vanish. I’m not just speaking of fashion, but worldly trends. As a student this can be hard. We have many different responsibilities and therefore may not have the time to keep up on trends. Thank goodness for the speed at which technology develops and the production of apps.

Tools that will help you keep up with current trends.

1) Listen to Podcasts
The best time to listen to podcast are while you are at the gym or walking to class. During this time I am in a state where I am able to concentrate on what is being said and evaluate it.

2) Read 50 blogs in 15 minutes
Apps like Pulse allows you to quickly read over blogs. You save articles and websites that are of interest to you via the app and categorize them based on genre.

Source: Customer Think

Source: Customer Think

3) Utilize  Twitter Lists
Twitter lists used to annoy me until I found out one of its important features. It minimizes Twitter. On a smaller scale I am able to read posts directed towards a specific topic. Considering the opportunities, Twitter lists can also be used to follow industry thought leaders and follow bloggers. You can even create private Twitter lists to follow competitors, industry influencers and other people you don’t want your competitors seeing.

4) Follow people on Twitter
This is old fashioned, but it helps! The best way to get info is from the horse’s mouth. Many people receive their news from tweets made by celebrities and other spotlight people. By following them you have the potential to see information first hand.

5) Watch the news
I am not saying you have to wake up at 5 a.m. to watch the early morning show, but it is good to know what is going on in the world. Every morning before classes I turn my television on either channel 2, 4, or 7. I see local and worldly news that is not covered in any application or blogs I view.

How do you keep up with trends?

Gabrielle Burgess-Smith
Vice President

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