Seven tips to release stress

With the start of a new school semester and especially a new year, it is always good to learn how to better control your stress level. As reiterated many times, PR is the sixth most stressful occupation (Forbes). To better acclimate yourself for the future and its duties, you should prepare for your career life as though you are living it now-so it will become habitual.

In college we tend to manage. We manage our stress level just enough so that it does not hit the ceiling, sending us into a tidal wave of emotion. Stress needs to released, not managed. New Year, better you…correct?

Remember! Stress is not always bad. Stress is what motivates us to keep pushing through, but sometimes it can get tiring in copious amounts.

Source: Fooyoh

Source: Fooyoh

Follow these tips to assist you in a less stressful year.

1) Have a regiment
Develop a schedule that fits your daily lifestyle. You don’t have to map out your daily activities (not if you don’t want to), but it sincerely helps to go to bed and wake up at a set time.

2) Exercise
Exercise is a stress-reliever, but many (like myself) don’t like to sweat. Incorporate sweat-less workouts to your regiment. There are some great ones located here. Also, make it a point to have a power workout once or twice a week to release muscle tension and burn a few extra calories.

3)Eat Clean
Clean eating makes your insides feel so much better. They are not clogged with oil and ridiculously named toxins that can barely be spelled, better yet pronounced. When you feel better inside you feel better overall.

4) Detox
A few of you may be thinking “ewww”, but detoxing is very beneficial for the body. There are many ways to detox. Detoxing releases toxins from your body and helps your body naturally release the toxins we take in every day from daily uses, such as soap, lotions, and even the air we breathe. A hot bath detox with epsom salt and baking soda does wonders for the skin and the hot water opens your pores. It’s like a mini spa in your own bathroom.

5) Talk
Have someone you can talk to. Sharing your concerns with another person works wonders. It can be a friend, family member, or even mentor. Overall make it someone you trust, so you will be more willing to accept their opinion and feedback.

6) Meditate
There are many ways to meditate. I see meditating as being specific to a person. You can do yoga, pray, paint nails. It doesn’t matter how you meditate, as long as you are in a relaxed state of mind.

7) Free day
Last but not least, have a free day to re-coop. Do whatever you want to do on this day, just don’t let it impact the productivity of future days

Happy New Year everyone and make 2015 as stress free as possible.

Gabrielle Burgess-Smith
Vice President

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