How Social Media can make the holidays even more special

Previously, I spoke on how social media can take away from the holidays, now it’s time for me to share how social media can actually enhance the holidays.

  1. For people ten states away, incarcerated, or fighting for us overseas, social media can be a godsend for spreading holiday cheer. If you are overseas, you can take a peek at that special holiday greeting every time you log on.
  2. It’s Green – No trees have to die when you send an E-Card
  3. Preserving memories at ease – Scrapbooking is a hobby of mine, such as fishing or combat, however as manly as scrapbooking is, that hobby can be a hassle. You have to buy film, hit up the crafts store, and get film developed at the local drug store that has a line of 20 customers and only 2 people working in the front.  Any who, thanks to Facebook and Instagram, you can easily preserve this year’s holiday pictures easily with one click of the upload button.
  4. You can turn your own family celebration into a private social media Twitter event just by creating a hashtag. #ScottyMullinChristmasSpectacular2014 – that hashtag’s just for family!
  5. I’m having a brain freeze about how to make a great Christmas centerpiece for the table and don’t know what to do. ANSWER – What’s up! You can look up anything from gift ideas, treetops, and even holiday side dishes.

    Source: Miratel

    Source: Miratel

  6. As much as I do find the idea of seeing ugly sweaters and pets in Santa hats silly and annoying, once you see a puppy wearing red or green or an ugly baby sitting on Santa’s lap, you can do nothing but smile. I guess you can say I’m even a fan of looking at these pics, just don’t tell the guys at the gym, I got an image to uphold.
  7. YouTube videos – I can never get tired of seeing the Home Alone boy torturing Joe Pesci and the dumb tall guy with the bad beard and the curly hair.
  8. Sometimes I get messages on FB wishing me a Happy Holiday and I get all tingly inside.
  9. Invites, oh the invites. It’s always good to get invited to holiday parties. But it’s also good to turn them down if you really don’t want to go. All you have to do is write that you wish you could make it and then on party day, like a few pictures and say that you wish you could have made it. Easy Button!!!
  10. The best part would be teaching older family members about how to use social media. They become so excited and thrilled when they see technology capture the family magic; it helps mold new bonds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my intentions all along was to create a type of “A Christmas Carol” style scenario showing how holiday life was before and after social media, doing a sort of “pros and cons” thing.

I know some of you are thinking, “wait, wasn’t there three scenarios?”

Well, yes, there were three ghosts, but it’s the holiday season and I before mentioned, I have eight pounds of ham to finish and it isn’t going to eat itself, especially with me continually writing blogs.

Social media has its high points and social media has its low points. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using them, especially in a holiday setting, as long as you don’t take for granted the message of the holidays and the spirit of friends and family.

I spent most of my Christmas Day in bed with a cold, I tried my best to make the rounds with the family, and I did, however I didn’t get to move around as much as I wanted to. One of my highlights though, besides eating more cookies than five Santas chilling with the Cookie Monster was enjoying people celebrating Christmas with their families on social media sites through pictures and statuses.

My cold was unexpected, but the duel contradicting blog posts was quite pre-meditated. In closing, I just want to say is that social media can be a distraction that brings out the worst in people sometimes, but when used correctly, it can bring out the best in people and to me, the best means togetherness.

Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!

Scotty Mullin
VP of Communications

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