University of BuzzFeed: how the news app can help PR Pros

“Reporters are not waiting for news and neither are consumers” – Luke Capizzo

Source: Wakefield Research

Source: Wakefield Research

After attending the PRSSA Student Development Conference I realized just how important new media was to public relations. Now, more than ever, consumers are filtering information to fit their needs, desires and wants. As PR professionals are not only faced with getting the reader’s attention but keeping it.

New media is changing the way consumers get their information. Today, consumers are able to easily filter the information they absorb and public relations professionals are now, more than ever, forced to rely on headlines to grab and keep the attention of consumers.

At the PRSSA Student Development Conference, Luke Capizzo, account manager for Identity PR, made a point that even with new media, news is still news. And just to reiterate, “Consumers are not waiting for news, they are searching it out. No website knows this better than BuzzFeed.

According to Forbes, BuzzFeed successfully reaches 150 million unique visitors a month and more importantly keeps those visitors coming back.

I have been following BuzzFeed for a while now and when Capizzo mentioned the app in his presentation I was more than interested in how the app could help PR pros keep in touch with their audience.

It is easy for a reader to keep scrolling when they see an article. A good headline is what grabs their attention and gets them to click on the article and read it. Not only is it important to convey the key points of the article but, also, connect with the reader in an emotional way. A great way to do this is to focus on keywords of the article then build the headline around what the reader would want.

What does this mean for a PR professional?

Well, from a marketing standpoint, BuzzFeed sells ad space and you can easily create your own article that will be presented to the BuzzFeed followers. Recently, I read one that was presented by Volvo that compared the car brand to being a dependable friend. These paid for articles are highlighted in yellow but are no different in content. They show your company can use humor and connect with a younger crowd. For the PR professionals it is important to note that the more important posts are fairly concise, in a list format. Keeping the content interesting not only keeps the reader on the page but also generates shares.

Shelby Lane
Guest Bloggeer
EMU PR Student

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