How Social Media ruined the holidays

I used to love the holidays so much. I loved the spirit, the feeling of friends & family having a great time, and of course the food. Social media over the past few years has turned the magic I felt when I experience the season into just another mind-numbing day…..Allow me count the ways.


Source: We Build Buzz

  1. Our family used to get five Christmas cards in the mail each day in December, now we get five for the entire month. Thanks to social media, we get five for the entire month and three of them are from dentists or real estate agents. One of my childhood hobbies was to put received Christmas cards all over the house to make our entire home seem festive, and to save them to look at when I am sad when I’m having a rainy day. I can’t really enjoy that any more because everyone just sends e-cards that I delete as spam and never really get to see.
  2. If somebody’s Facebook status is “I wish you and your family a great holiday!”……I feel that if I don’t like this status, I’m a jerk, because I do love the message, but what about the other 200 people who wrote the same exact thing?
  3. Pictures of gifts – Gee, you got a car for Christmas, yay, I got a Target gift card for $75.
  4. Ugly Christmas Sweater pics – Yep, that snowman sweater is pretty hit….you know what else was hit??? That sweater you wore to class 3 weeks ago, let’s talk about that.
  5. People wishing for a “White Christmas” – I’m afraid if 2 million Twitter users wish for a “White Christmas,” we might actually get snow. STOP IT!!! I have no time to shovel that stuff. Please don’t jinx me.
  6. Cats and Dogs wearing Christmas gear – It’s like wow, your family is so pumped for the holidays that even your pet is wearing a Santa hat, meanwhile, millions upon millions of poor people around the world can’t even afford shoes.
  7. Opening presents – It used to be that you can open up a gift, say thanks, and open up a new gift. Now you have to open up a gift and take pictures for two minutes after each gift…..and that gift is probably something like a pair of Santa socks from the dollar store… about pain in the butt.
  8. Religion Wars – Before social media, families have their Christmas, private and in-house. Now you post a few statuses and pictures, and all of a sudden an atheist friend gets offended and it turns into an argument, I’m not going to break that down any further, but yeah, there’s one on every friend’s list who wants to go to war.
  9. “Best Christmas Ever” – If it’s the best Christmas Ever, why are you spending most of your time taking pics and tagging people when you can actually have fun with those people who you probably won’t see until Easter???
  10. One-Up – A lot of times, I feel that social media has become a way of saying, “look at our family, we are perfect, we are having the perfect holiday, what about you?”
Source: Growing Social Media

Source: Growing Social Media

In closing, I feel that we can bring back the holiday spirit. When with family, put the phones down and enjoy the rare times when you get to break bread with friends, family, or patch.

We should go back to sending cards out with personal messages via snail- mail, rather than E-cards with bulk messages that get lost in weeks of statuses and lack of personality., Actual cards are something people can enjoy every day of the year, especially when someone needs a pick-me-up.

Another thing is that everyone claims that there’s nothing more important than family and friends. If this is true, why are we spending more time making the perfect statuses or pictures of these moments instead of living in these moments? (I am guilty of this, not going to lie) Let us change this together…..lets leave the phones at home and just enjoy our family and friend time. Granny doesn’t want to hog the Instagram spotlight, she just wants to hog you.

My gift to myself is this; I will have a very private holiday. I’m going to watch my family open their gifts, then I will open mine, and I will eat a glorious ham, like all of it, and then I will have a blast, no cameras, no social media posts, just love and fun. You don’t need likes or new followers to have a great holiday;, you just need the right people around you and not the right apps.

Happy Holidays!

Scott Mullin
VP of Communication

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