An invaluable experience

The other day, I attended EMU PRSSA’s Student Development Conference for the very first time.

I have a thorough appreciation of Eastern and I am outstandingly proud to be an eagle. However, I do not often take part in many extracurricular activities and nor do I attend many on campus events because I live in Howell, MI. I commute to school four days a week and I work in Brighton, MI, so being at Eastern outside of my classes can be a challenge for me.

However, I am beyond glad that I attended SDC this year as I consider the knowledge I took away from the event to be exceedingly valuable. The information I gathered surpassed the boundaries of what I learn from reading my textbooks and attending my classes.

Luke Capizzo

Luke Capizzo

Here are three reasons that I consider my attendance at SDC to be imperative in gaining a better understanding of my future profession:

  1. The knowledge that the SDC speakers passed down to me is crucial for my success. Each speaker made points that are vital for me to recognize, but every speaker’s insight was unique from the rest. For this reason, I gained a diverse array of new information just from listening to the experiences of experts and asking questions.

 One message that Luke Capizzo made clear was that interpersonal     communication is essential in the field. This makes me excited to begin working in the field and it confirms that I belong in PR and communications because connecting with people and building relationships are two of my strong suits.

  1. Attending this conference boosted my optimism about pursuing PR. A number of tips that the SDC speakers discussed were ways that I already go about my life.

Brittni Brown mentioned how crucial it is to keep communication with co-workers clear and honest in order to reduce stress. I have always valued honesty and open communication in my everyday life and at work. I am baffled when people stress out about a situation that they have yet to address with communication.What’s the point of upsetting yourself before you try to fix the problem? Communication really is key.

Brittni Brown

Brittni Brown

  1. This conference opened my eyes to the vast spectrum that my PR degree applies to. The number of media channels in existence is ever-growing.

Marketing, social media, and media relations are all intertwined. My PR degree will enable me to do much more than write press releases. There are countless jobs that fall under the communications/PR umbrella. I love knowing how many doors will be open to me when I graduate.

Also, every time I tell someone that I am majoring in PR, they ask me what my ideal career would be. The fact that I’ve never had a clear cut answer to this question used to scare me. But now it exhilarates me. How should I know anyways? I haven’t held a position in PR yet, and as Capizzo pointed out, you have to try something before you know whether you enjoy it or not.It is only logical that I cannot yet say what my dream job is, because I have not yet entered the field. But I can say that I am looking forward to finding out what the future holds for my PR career, as the range of possibilities is intriguingly vast.

Hearing skilled professionals’ insight falls under a different category of education than studying for exams and writing papers. Being present at SDC allowed me to hear about the perspectives and experiences of five different experts in very diverse areas of my field. I would recommend the conference to anyone pursuing PR or any related major.

I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to attend the Student Development Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed being there and I gathered a plethora of extremely useful information. I genuinely believe that being at this conference gave me a leg up in entering my field of study, and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned.

 Emily Hiett
Guest Blogger
EMU PR Student

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