Set yourself apart

While at the SDC was taking place, I learned some very interesting.

The first speaker was Luke Capizzo from Identity. He had a multitude of things that he talked about, one of his points that he referenced is if the press release is dead or not. He hates the press release today because they are not personalized. It is just a mass release to reporters who aren’t even interested in that release. I talked to one of my classmates and he said that he thinks it is dead. Mostly because of how ineffective it is today.

The second speaker that came was Brittany Brown, a 2013 graduate from Eastern Michigan University. She dealt a lot with being an entrepreneur and how to be your own person in terms of setting yourself apart. But one of the points both Brittany and Luke both made was how to set yourself apart.

Now what does that mean exactly, setting yourself apart. What that means to me is how do you differentiate yourself from the next person. If your writing skills are great, if you’re on social media, have a blog, and all these different types of things, what makes you that much special? Luke in some detail talked about having good writing skills.

Fact: if you do not have good writing skills as working in public relations, you will not be in public relations for much longer.



Trying to get your foot in the door is maybe the most difficult thing you have to do when trying to establish yourself as a potential candidate for a company. I think the most important thing you need to do is to have a personality. I love the second point Bent Marketing’s blog makes. BE YOU! “You were born unique” is the first sentence. Make the company notice who you are and what you are capable of. Now that does not mean not being professional. Still have to do that anyways. But companies are trying to find that one complete person with brains, creativity, and a personality.

Brittany started her own firm, The Bee Agency Public Relations and she has notable clients such as Tommey Walker. As she walking out to meet a friend I asked her a question, “How do you differentiate yourself when everyone is doing the same things as you.” I asked her this question previously but I didn’t have time to get an answer because the next speaker was up. But as she was both walking and thinking about her next encounter after the last speaker spoke, I could tell she was deep in thought about this question. She told me she developed a reputation amongst her peers as a go getter and hard worker. If someone asked her to do something, she got it done no questions asked. That’s part of her personality, to be able to get things done no matter the situation.

Even though the position of the public relations practitioner is a widely demanded job, setting yourself apart from the pack is a great way in getting your foot in the door, and building yourself a good reputation. Yes, you do need to be professional: be courteous, get your work on time, etc; you also have to have that personality trait that is needed for your company.

 JuWan Graham
Guest Blogger
EMU PR Student

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