How to get there mentally

Everyone has projects, goals, and deadlines to reach. Getting to the finish lines is hard, but for many of us, just taking that first step is hard enough. Here are some tips that make you move along.

Source: Forbes

Source: Forbes

  • Work Out – For me, there is nothing like a nice run or hitting the weights and pledging allegiance to the United States of Pump to really get your head in the game.
  • Project Survival Kit – A project survival kit is something I like to prepare before I lock myself in my room and get to work. Items can include candy, beverages like coffee or tea, some snack foods, a stress ball, paper and pens for brainstorming, etc. My survival kit is some Red Bulls and a thing of Sour Patch Kids. I love them S.P.K.s.
  • Create a playlist of pump up music, listen to it loudly and get fired up. I personally like hard hitting music to get me going like FFDP’s “Remember Everything”, A7X “Nightmare”, “Living Colour” “Cult of Personality”, or Gloria Estefan “Get on Your Feet.”
  • Seek Help – A couple of months ago, I was really struggling with achieving goals. I went to talk to a psychiatrist for help. It turned out I have really bad ADHD. He put me on Adderall and it has really helped me out. Never be ashamed to ask for help, nor be ashamed that you have a mental disorder. I have ADHD and I’m proud.
  • If you are stressed halfway through a project. Take a timeout, go play a game. (Not Candy Crush Saga, that game will make you even more stressed though)
  • Talk to a friend. Sometimes a good talk with a friend about a project may lend you some ideas or at least a step in the right direction.
  • Be Down to Clown – If you are stressed out go take a breather, find something funny on TV and have a good laugh. If that doesn’t work, call some friends, talk about funny incidents. Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Break down big goals into smaller goals. If you have a 20 page paper due in 4 days, set a goal of 5 pages each day. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment every time and your confidence will grow.
  • Breathe, just breathe. It will calm you.

Set a reward for yourself for achieving your goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s buying your self a new outfit, going out for drinks with friends to celebrate, or partake in a little S & M – Snickers & Milky Way. Sweets are always a good motivator.

Scott Mullin
VP of Communications

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