My day with a state representative

In October 2014, I was given the opportunity to share my life as an Eastern Michigan student with Representative David Rutledge from Michigan’s House of Representatives. This opportunity was presented to me by the Honors College here at EMU.

Representative Rutledge represents the Ypsilanti area in Lansing. He is an experienced politician who was brought to Michigan by an opportunity to attend law school at the University of Michigan. Through our conversations during the day, the two of us discovered that we actually had a lot in common about our college experiences, including that fact that we both served as resident advisors for our respective institutions.

Our day started with breakfast at Einstein’s, continued on to my German language class and then too lunch. After lunch we attended an American government course in Pray-Harrold before having to go to a meeting with my boss. Following the meeting we concluded the day at Starkweather where we debriefed about the day with other members from the Honors College.

Andrea Mellendorf and David Rutledge

Andrea Mellendorf and David Rutledge

Being able to represent the Honors College was a very enjoyable privilege. I had such a blast showcasing my life as an EMU student to someone who devotes part of their life advocating for funding for our institution.

Representative Rutledge was genuinely interested in what I do as a student, what I am hoping to do with my public relations degree one day, and the ways in which I was spending my time as an undergrad outside of the classroom.

At the conclusion of our day together on campus, Representative Rutledge extended an invite for me to come to Lansing for the day and shadow his daily life as a Representative for the Ypsilanti area. This is an offer that I will certainly be taking him up on! Being able to teach Representative Rutledge about my day as an Eastern student makes me very excited for the opportunity to learn about his day as a politician.

Andrea Mellendorf
Chief Financial Officer

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