Top five benefits of attending SDC

The Student Development Conference and Workshop is an annual, day-long conference that is planned and implemented by members of the EMU PRSSA. Some might be wondering how they will benefit from attending this year’s conference, and what they will gain from their experience. Here are five ways SDC will benefit your future toward gaining experience and knowledge in the public relations, communications, journalism and marketing fields.

Source: Nova Law Careers

Source: Nova Law Careers

  1. Educate Yourself. This year’s theme is “The Convergence of Public Relations.” Today, the growing field is becoming more blended. With the merging of marketing, branding, journalism, and public relations, we are beginning to notice collaboration. Our three speakers will touch on topics relevant to multiple aspects of PR today. Come and learn about the convergence of public relations, a new take on the press release, and entrepreneurship.
  1. Build Your Network. It’s all about whom you know. Rub elbows with local professionals and students in and around Southeastern Michigan. Attendants will develop professional relationships that can assist in finding internships, and learn from one another.
  1. Personal Feedback. Bring your resume with you and get one-on-one feedback and editing during a resume-building workshop. Better prepare yourself for the professional world by speaking to a panel of human resources professionals that will answer questions about the interview and hiring process.
  1. Earn LBC credit. This event offers Learning Beyond the Classroom credit. Satisfy area five of the university’s General Education Program while enjoying a day of learning and networking.
  1. Professional Development. Attending class isn’t the only way student’s can develop a professional outlook on their future. Conferences such as the Student Development Conference will help student’s build their professional persona by surrounding themselves in a business-like environment.
Leah Rodriguez
VP of  Public Relation

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