Careers in crisis management

Public relations is an awesome career choice, because it can be used in any field rather it be government, politics, environmental studies, social science, etc. Most people that study public relations also have specializations like marketing, business, media relations, healthcare communications, community relations and many other fields. One of the growing specializations is Crisis Management, but few people actually choose this field, because while it can be rewarding it also can be demanding and stressful.

What is Crisis Management

Crisis Management as defined by the Society for Human Resource Management defines crisis management as, “the overall pre-established procedures outlined for preparing or responding to cataclysmic events or incidents in a safe and effective manner.” It involves such activities like planning, organizing, leading, and controlling assets and activities in the critical period immediately before, during and after an actual or impending catastrophe to reduce the loss of resources essentially to the organization’s eventual full recovery.

Many crisis can arise at a moment notice, for instance 9/11 or the leakage of NSA spying habits by Edward Snowden. Some of the popular types of Crisis according to The Management Study Guide (MSG) are Natural Disasters, Technological, Confrontation, Malevolence, Organizational Misdeed, etc. Whatever the crisis, it is the role of the crisis manager to think about event before it occurs, plan for it, and prevent it from affecting or interrupting day-to-day operations.



The Law Dictionary says the goal of crisis management is, “learning to recognize signals that a disaster might be approaching. Develop a plan to prepare for or prevent a crisis. Know how to contain the crisis and any resulting damage.” One of the most important parts of crisis management is the evaluation stage. This is the part where managers and organizations get to see if their current plan was successful at thwarting the crisis occurred and what could be done better next time to better prepare or prevent the crisis from occurring.

Necessary Education

Now that you know what crisis management is all about, I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of education is necessary. Well I’m glad you asked! To begin a career in crisis management you simply need a bachelor’s degree in either Public Relations, Crisis Management, Emergency Management, etc., however there is no one universal degree that will prepare you for a career in crisis management.

It’s also important to gain work experience as this can help you gain experience and help you move up the corporate ladder. Many people will go on to earn a Master’s Degree in hope of moving into the Director position. Be advised that the career overall is fairly old in the organization eyes, however the role is taking shape as an actual career tract. Currently there are 180 universities that offer higher learning in crisis management or emergency management.

What is the pay for Entry Level

The overall pay depends on the level of experience and your position on the hierarchical organization chart. However, it is suspected by The Law Dictionary that salaries fall in the median range of approximately $53,000.

DeAndre Brown
VP of Community Relations

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