Nine lessons PR professionals can learn from watching WWE




  1. Your client’s customers are a lot like the WWE fans. If you betray their trust, they will turn on you faster than a referee can count to three.
  2. Brand Awareness – Each WWE Superstar is their own brand. Watching the product has taught me about developing my own personal brand.
  3. If you feel your voice isn’t getting heard, talk louder into the mic. Always make sure your ideas are never silent when it comes to a PR project.
  4. Pro Wrestling is scripted, and well scripted. When you write, do it well.
  5. It not the size of the beast, it’s about the size of your heart. – When you enter the PR field, many people will be the top dogs, already established, it’s up to you to work hard and show your passion. Sometimes a person with a lot of passion gets the win over the huge superstar, you just have to fight hard for it.
  6. In the words of Bo Dallas, you just have to bolieve.
  7. WWE Superstars make their living on fan interaction. The louder the boos or the cheers, the more likely they will be pushed into bigger roles on TV. When you become a PR pro, try to interact with as many people as possible. Create connections.
  8. Every week, the WWE is always in the Top 10 for trending topics in social media. They use it to create a bond between each wrestler and fan. They also encourage fans to share their input about their product by using hashtags. Embrace social media for your brand too.
  9. Getting into PR from college isn’t easy work, just like making it into WWE isn’t easy work from wrestling in the local independents. People in the independents wrestle not only because they want to be in the WWE but because they absolutely love wrestling and never give up the dream. If you love PR, you should do the same.
Scott Mullin
Vice President of Communications

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