College students needs business cards too

College is the perfect time to get your first business card. While in college, you are going to do a lot of networking. Professionals will hand you their contact information on a business card and you should want to do the same. Having a business card will give you a more professional, polished look. Being able to hand someone your business card will leave you feeling great.



Your business card should have your name, cell number, e-mail and major followed by student, i.e. PR student. Additional information such as your college, your blog link and social media handles can be included as well.

Keep your business card design simple and professional. But don’t be afraid to choose a template that showcase your personality. Be sure that your font, size, and color (black is best) is readable. A good place to create business cards is Vistaprint. However, there are many other online sites to design business cards on.

Daizchane Baker

One response to “College students needs business cards too

  1. Terrific post, all! I will say that I enjoy seeing business cards that have some “personality.” Don’t be plain, show a little pizzazz!

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