So you declared a PR major?

So you’ve just declared your major as public relations. Now what?

Well, you should come to a PRSSA meeting! I know, I know, I just gave you the cliché answer, but it’s true.

I came to Eastern and started my college career as a declared PR major. At Fajita Fest, during my first year orientation I came up to the PRSSA table and excitedly told everyone at the table about myself and how excited I was to join and how I had been reading the blog throughout my senior year of high school. It’s true, I did. What can I say? I was excited!

So all that happened and then guess what happened next? I didn’t come to a meeting until February of my first year.  What ended up being my biggest regret of my first year? Not coming to PRSSA until the year was practically done.


So what am I saying here? I’m saying that you have nothing to lose. If you are interested in public relations, or studying public relations or a related communication or marketing field, come on down to PRSSA! We promise there is something to learn.

Being in PRSSA has given me an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom, apply the skills that I learn in class, and meet and network with people who share the same passion for the field as I do. I mean really, what’s better than a bunch of people who love public relations? Nothing.

Maybe you think the meetings sound intimidating. I promise they aren’t. Our Tuesday night meetings are educational, yes, but they are also always fun. You get to learn something, meet people, and advance your PR career. It’s a worthwhile use of time.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please do not hesitate to contact our e-board members or attend one of our Tuesday night meetings. Even if you aren’t a member, please consider joining us! You are always welcome.

Andrea Mellendorf
Chief Financial Officer

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