How to create word tag clouds using Wordle

"EMU PRSSA Tag Cloud" C/O of Gaberielle Burgess-Smith

“EMU PRSSA Tag Cloud” C/O of Gabrielle Burgess-Smith

I am sure you have seen these around. For the longest I did not know what to refer to them as, but after the constant rephrasing of my Google searches from “PR word backgrounds” to “word tag pictures” I finally found the correct terminology to describe this trending picturesque item on many social sites, word tag clouds.

Word tag clouds are tags that appear most frequent within a search context or even website/blog source. It combines these words into an image or rectangle like cluster that resembles a Scrabble game board. A word that has a lot of buzz or a lot of tags has a larger font size in the tag clouds. A word with not as much buzz has a smaller font size.

I have seen many social sites post a word tag cloud as their Twitter header or Facebook cover. Me being the type of  person I am, I wanted one specific to me.  Of course there was not an existing word cloud that had words that described me as an individual, so I made one.

There is a site called Wordle where you can make your own cloud words. I created one with my own list of words I inserted, but you can enter a website url and create a tag cloud based on the tags of the website. After I created my word cloud I went to Photoshop to give the letters a pink cheetah print skin. They have a color palette you can choose from to give your text color, but pink cheetah print is not an option so I used Photoshop.

C/O of Gabrielle Burgess-Smith

C/O of Gabrielle Burgess-Smith

I then wanted to see a word cloud for our PRSSA website. It looks pretty cool.As I developed a generic word cloud based on PRSSA site I discovered pros and cons to Wordle. If you are on a Mac computer it is very easy to save your Wordle because you are able to save it as a PDF via the print feature. On Windows there is not a save as via print. This makes it close to impossible to save your Wordle unless you use a third-party software program. Why does everything have to be so difficult!? However, I did a print screen and emailed it to myself. I downloaded the image as a pic and cropped it on an online pic editor to take out the extra remnants that showed the outline of my browser. For future reference, if you decide to make one you should do it on a Mac.

Here is a four minute video that explains how to change the text skin of your Wordle words.

Gabrielle Burgess-Smith
Vice President

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