What I’ve received while being in PRSSA

With the time for dues coming up, you may be thinking to yourself “Why should I join PRSSA?” Well we can try telling you all the great things about our organization but until you learn for yourself, those aren’t huge persuading factors. With the $65 for new members and $60 for returning, it may seem like a lot all at once.

The good thing? Our memberships are good for an entire year! If you mentally break it up then it becomes less than $10 a month for some awesome pre-professional tips and benefits.

To help you thinking about what you can get out of the experience, below I have benefits that I’ve received.

  1. Great peer networking

I’m decently involved on campus but that is so different from being involved within my major. While in PRSSA, I get to meet other students in my field or related fields. This is really great and handy because you never know who you will run into in the future and how they could impact your life.

  1. Amazing mentors

The professors in our department are so caring and they truly want you to do well. When you become part of PRSSA, it shows that you are beginning to care more about your future therefore the professors start to care more too. You may be held to a higher standard now but you better believe our advisor and professors will be there to catch you as long as you tried your hardest. If there is a scholarship application available, they will push you to apply! Who is going to say “no” to money for their education??

  1. Fantastic speakers

Whether you’re a member or not, we invite a variety of professionals to come and share their stories with our students. You get the opportunity to not only hear from those speakers but also ask them questions and get their contact information for your future curiosity. Need to reach out to a professional for class? These speakers have connections and could potentially help you out.

4.  Resume Builders

Being a college student can make it hard to find worthwhile resume experience while still paying the bills. Being a paid member of PRSSA is nice to have but being an active member is completely different. Having the ability to say that I’m an involved member in the organization can open doors for me. Even better? Taking an executive board position has taught me skills beyond being an active member.

  1. Conference opportunities

Every year PRSSA holds a national conference. This year the PRSSA 2014 National Conference is themed with Intersections: The Meeting Place of Communications & Culture. It’s really exciting that the conference will be held in Washington D.C., a central place for the country’s large decisions and political people. And I’ll be there, October 9 to 14. PRSSA has given me the chance to get funding and get to the national conference with very little personal expense. This will be a great chance for me to meet peers from around the country as well as some professionals in the field.

Still on the fence about forking over $65 for the membership? Come to our meetings. You have the chance to experience meetings before the Oct. 15, 2014, deadline for dues arrives but don’t let that deadline sneak up on you. Pay the dues as soon as you can so you don’t remain stressed. You can even bring it to the next regular meeting, Oct. 14.

Raven Gardiner
VP of Member Relations

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