Are you a PR girl?

In the world of PR it is said that you have to behave and look a certain way to fit the description of a PR girl.

  • Work-a-holic
  • Always wears black
  • Long heels, pointed toes
  • Party thrower
  • Gets tons of freebies
  • Shallow and stuck-up personality

PR consists of 70% women, which is a huge turn around considering that in 1987 there were 20 females for every 80 males. A negative connotation attached to women in the industry is that PR women are just grown-up mean girls. In the world of PR you have to have thick skin. Many people mistake a strong personality, for malice. It is said that in the world of PR you need to be the Five Factor Model (FFM). This person is curious, inventive, positive, quick to grasp new ideas and is also a good listener. It is imperative to listen.

Why listen when there is so much room and space to talk? You don’t learn by speaking.

Source: The College PR Life

Source: The College PR Life

For my job I had to take a personality test via Type Focus. These are the results I received.

I Introversion       N Intuition     F Feeling    J Judging

“INFJs possess a rich and complicated inner world that they express through a quiet and organized caring for others. They are quick to understand people and although they may not express their insights freely, they deeply care about their friends and want the best for them. INFJs like to have a group of friends who will appreciate their inner depth and share their desire to help others. Without this group, they may feel lonely. INFJs broad inner focus usually gives them an ease with theoretical and conceptual subjects, and many INFJs find themselves going on to university, often to become teachers..”

I became even more intrigued when I discovered the tab where I could see which professions would be best for me based on my personality. At first I wasn’t going to look, but I reassured my confidence by knowing PR is my calling. Based off of my personality assessment results, PR is an occupation my personality compliments! This test must really work!

I am a PR girl in multiple ways. I wear black a lot because it is my favorite color, but I do not throw parties nor do I have a shallow and stuck-up personality. A PR girl can come in many different styles, looks, and personalities. There is not a universal look and personality for a PR practitioner. Take the Type Focus test for yourself if you would like to see your results, but regardless of your results do not take them to heart. An online test equates nothing to the passion you feel inside for a profession you benevolently enjoy.

Gabrielle Burgess-Smith
Vice President

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