So you’ve chosen to major in public relations, now what?

Choosing a major in college can be one of the toughest decisions in your academic career. The pressure of deciding what job path you want to go on can be stressful and confusing. For those of us at EMU who’ve decided to tackle on public relations as our major, there’s one thing we must also take into consideration – choosing a minor! Recently the question “what is a good minor for PR majors?” has been circling around the classroom, and while there might be an easy answer for those who have a passion for non-profit and sports organizations, others feel a little lost.

Listed are a few suggestions that could potentially spark interest in PR majors.

 Journalism: Probably the most important skill a PR practitioner should master is writing. Without being able to formulate a proper piece of writing in correct AP style, employers will have no problem giving you the boot. Most entry-level or internship positions require a writing sample or test prior to employment, so it’s very important you understand writing styles and techniques.

 Marketing: Many times, PR agencies have an in-house marketing team that work closely with one another. Public relations and marketing go hand in hand with one another when delivering creative ideas to clients about developing their brand in the media and to the community. A strong understanding of basic marketing knowledge can be a huge bonus when entering the PR field in order to collaborate with your colleagues.



Fashion: Most students wouldn’t consider a career in fashion to have many links back to public relations, but it does! There are an entire population of up and coming designers in today’s fashion industry, waiting to make a splash mainstream. Events like New York Fashion Week, and publications such as Vogue and Elle have a team of highly trained and well-educated PR practitioners.

Political Science: There are quite a few career opportunities when it comes to PR and politics, especially around election season. Candidates up for office tend to have an army of public relations practitioners at their side working day and night to ensure press coverage and positive public opinion. While it may be one of the most challenging decisions academically, a minor in political science could give you the legal knowledge necessary when entering the PR field.

Whatever you decide your minor to be, whether its journalism, marketing, fashion, or political science – be sure it’s something you know you’ll enjoy learning about. For those of us who have devoted our career paths to public relations, there is so many opportunities waiting on the other side of our diploma.

Leah Rodriguez
VP of PR

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