News apps on cell phones to help you stay connected

Keeping up with current events is an important task if you want to be a successful PR pro. News apps on your cell phone makes this easier to do. One of the best things about news apps is that they often contain several news outlets in one place. This is great because you no longer have to surf each news source’s website. iPhones, Androids, and Windows phone app stores contain multiple options for news apps available for download.


Source: Companion Arts

Source: Companion Arts

“News”- Windows Phone

“News” is powered by Bing. Features include picking your favorite news sources, reading the headlines, and get personalized coverage of your favorite topics.  You can download the app for free by clicking here.

“Newsify”- iPhone

“Newsify” allows you to select the news sources you enjoy reading in order for their daily stories to appear in your news feeds. This app is available for download in the iTunes store.

“Newsstand”- Android

“Newsstands” has news sources from newspaper publications to magazines. Users have the option to select their favorite new sources and topics to appear in their reader. Users can also subscribe to magazines that will appear in their reader as well. “Newsstand” is available for download in the Google Play store.

Daizchane Baker

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