How to survive a PR class

The fall semester is quickly approaching us and that means time to get back to the PR classes. Surviving a PR class is essential if you want to graduate with your PR class.

Complete the Reading.
In order to keep up with the material, it’s important that you do the readings. Majority of the information you will find in the readings will help you in your career later in life.

Draft Papers.
Allow yourself to have time to draft your paper before the final version is due. Drafting a paper will help to organize your thoughts and information.

Source: Moving Insiders

Source: Moving Insiders

Ask Questions.
If you do not understand something, ask your professor or a classmate for further explanation. Going through a semester without understanding the class’s content will only hurt your final grade.

Use your AP Style Guide.
AP Style is important for PR writing. Invest in AP Style Guide, you will use it during college and after.

Complete the Assignments.
In order to pass a class and understand the material, you have to actually complete the assignments.

PR students, what are your tips on how to survive a PR class?

Daizchane Baker

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