Backpage: A Modern Community

My favorite aspect of Social Media is the “social” part. I love communicating with people, especially about similar interests. I collect antiques. It’s a passion of mine and I was looking at new pieces to buy or trade and I discovered, a very good community resource.

​If you are looking to buy or trade things in the area, Backpage is the place to be. Besides finding cool antiques, you can buy sporting event tickets, cars, and even pets.

Sometimes, people have things in their home that they want to get rid of, but are too bulky, so they will offer these things for free, as long as you can pick them up.

​Buying and selling things aren’t the only thing great about this site. You can look for job openings. As of July 16th, Detroit had 10,733 job listings and Ann Arbor had 7,381. Landing a job isn’t as hard as people think as long as you know about Backpage.

Source: Google Play

Source: Google Play

You can also look for houses and roommates as well. Do you own a restaurant or a bar? Or are you looking for a place to get some good food in the evening and want a cool place to get drinks afterwards? If you answered yes to these two questions, Backpage is you guessed it, a great place to look.

​Backpage has community boards where you can communicate with others who share your interest. If you have no plans on a Thursday but don’t want to be home alone, check out the event listings. I am sure you will find a fun place to attend that evening.

Are you tired of being single, but don’t feel like spending $20 a month on dating sites filled with duds? Check out Backpage, there’s a ton of fish in this online sea. Do you want to experience romance, but without having to play the dating game, Backpage has a HUGE section for that too. That section of the website helped make Backpage become the #2 community web classified page only behind Craig’s List.

​Because of all of the exciting options available on the website from cars, to financial services, and the many listed above, I do hereby give Backpage the EMU PRSSA Two Thumbs Up. Check it out. You shall be pleased, very very pleased!

Scott Mullin
Vice President of Communications

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