UNICEF Tap Project

When you live in a world where you can have anything at the push of a button, it’s easy to take the simplest things for granted.

It is a known fact that we wouldn’t survive without water, but there are countries where clean drinking water is very hard to obtain. Thankfully, there is a project to help those survive and help us realize what’s really important in life.

A non-profit organization called UNICEF, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, has created a project for the last eight years to help bring clean drinking water to third-world countries. UNICEF have launched multiple campaigns throughout the years to bring awareness and help get clean water to those without.

For their 2014 campaign UNICEF shined a light on an important issue in the world today cell phones. We have all become so attached to these devices that some people actually believe they couldn’t live without them.

For nations without these technological advances, like Syria and Africa, our “first-world” problems such as not getting good Wi-Fi connection or our phones dying aren’t problems at all. The real problems exist in those third-world countries where surviving day-to-day is the only thing that matters. The one priority these countries have is getting clean water.

Source: First We Feast

This is what UNICEF is working hard to do. They’ve created an application for your cell phone that can help donate water to those who really need it. They have partnered up with corporations willing to donate money and time to help these countries gain the water to survive. For every ten minutes you go without using your phone, sponsors like Georgio-Armani will donate a full day’s worth of clean drinking water.
​1,400 children die each day due to unsafe water sanitation and UNICEF has gained access to more than two billion people since 1990 thanks to their partners and their practices.

​The UNICEF Tap Project is an inspiring motion to unite communities and help one another. It also reveals how some of us do take our advantages for granted and displays how we can use our advances to help those who really need it.

​Participate in the Tap Project and help children get the clean water they deserve by going to uniceftapproject.org today.

Taylor Tucker
Guest Blogger
EMU PR Student

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