Studying PR as a pre-law student

Being a pre-law student there is no “right” or “wrong” major to study during undergrad. Law schools do not require a particular major or courses in order to be admitted. Law schools choose to focus more on LSAT score and G.P.A.

Studying PR can be beneficial to an aspiring lawyer in a few ways.

You learn to write.

As lawyer you need to be able to create well-written reports. The writing needs to be clear, precise and leave no room for interpretation. PR practitioners need to be able to write also. Studying PR, you will take a lot of journalism and english classes in order to master the skill of writing.

You learn how to communicate.

As lawyer you need to be able to communicate effectively. You need to be able to get your client’s message out there. A huge part of PR is communication. While studying PR, you are bound to take a handful of communication classes as a part of the requirements.

Source: WordPress blog

Source: WordPress blog

You learn how to change public opinion of a client.

One of the duties of a PR practitioners is crisis management, turning their client’s negative image into a positive one. Lawyers do the same thing expect it is done in a courtroom and the public is a jury.

You learn how to work for a client.

PR practitioners and lawyers works for clients. Neither profession can do their work until being hired by client.

You learn how to stay update on the trends.

As a PR student you learn the importance of keeping up with current trends. As lawyer you need to know what’s going on in the legal field.

You learn how to research while working on projects.

As a lawyer you may have to research past case rulings in order to help your client win their case.


Studying PR can be an advantage for pre-law students who want to sharpen their research, writing, and communication skills during undergrad. Pre-law students should consider taking classes in criminal justice, government, law and political science to help them prepare for law school in addition to their major.

Daizchane Baker

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