EMU minors that compliments your PR major

Source: New York Times

Source: New York Times

A requirement of the PR major program at Eastern Michigan University  is having a minor. When choosing a minor you have few options. One, choose a minor that will help your career. Two, choose a minor that is something your interested in but don’t want to major in. Three, to skip having a minor and choose to double major.

If you choose option one and want a minor that compliments your PR major than EMU has a some options for you.

Communications: A big part of PR is speaking. A communications minor will help you form your communication skills that will be needed during pitches for your client’s products to the media.

Creative Writing: If you can’t write well, you will not make it far in PR.

General Business: It doesn’t hurt to understand how the basics of business and how businesses operate. Knowing how your client’s business work is a great advantage to have.

Marketing: A PR pro’s job is to help market their clients to the press and public. Learning the basics of marketing is an advantage for any PR pro.

Writing:  To be a great PR pro, you need to be a great writer. The only way to improve your writing skills is to write a writing minor will allow you to do just that, practice.

Choose a minor that interests you the most whether it compliments your PR major or not.

After all, you want to graduate knowing you are equipped with the knowledge needed to be successful in your career. 

Daizchane Baker

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