Career vs. marriage

It feels as though everyone is getting married no matter what generation they are and in comparison people feel as though they must pick up the pace to keep up with society. It’s a struggle when you are faced with the option of securing your career or your love life. In the past couple months so many celebrities have become engaged or gotten married.

  • Eve (rapper) and Maximililion (British designer)
  • Gabrielle Union (actress) and Dwayne Wade (NBA star)
  • Kanye West (rapper) and Kim Kardashian (reality tv star)
  • Evelyn Lozado (reality tv star) and Carl Crawford (MLB player)
  • Kelly Rowland (singer) and Tim Witherspoon (Kelly’s manager)
  • Ciara (singer) and Future (rapper)
  • Adam Brody (actor) and Leighton Meester (actress)

I could go on forever with this list. I could go on for a decade longer if I made the list personal and incorporated friends and family.

Point is, it is important to establish yourself before diving into marriage. Whether if that is life as a career woman/man, military personnel, or student. You must secure yourself before throwing a life-long partner into the mix. I was always told if they’re here today, they’ll be there tomorrow and if they won’t be there tomorrow why waste your time with them today. Opportunities leading to success are not as facile.

Source: Career Girl Network

Source: Career Girl Network

According to NewsWeek, it is okay to wait until after the age of 35 to get married. Would you prefer a promotion or a proposal? Taking care of one person is easy, but having to take care of another and having to go through the implicit and explicit roles of wife/husband are tasking.

Pace yourself through life leaving time and excitement for new ventures. Don’t rush to enjoy everything in the now. Leave some things in the future to cherish.

Some PR pros who have built their empire from the ground up waited until later to become married or are still single. Marriage is a sanctified union. Get married when you feel the time is right, but don’t be in a rush to compete with others. Put yourself first while you still can.

The Daily Beast blogger, Megan McArdle said it best, “Get married as early as possible but no earlier.”

PR is a very strenuous job that makes you commit to a lot of time, energy, and effort. Be able to put your all into what you do so that the finished product isn’t half done. Don’t spread yourself thin finishing small tasks leaving the final project half done.


Gabrielle Burgess-Smith
Vice President



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