Top five ways to stay productive this summer

It’s that time of year. The smells of barbecues, sun tan lotion and fresh cut grass fill the air as everything turns green and awakens from the blistery winter. Everyone throws their heavy coats and mittens into storage bins with delight and quickly tries to remember which friend has an in-ground pool. Although many students return to their hometowns, some stay around campus and work summertime jobs, and a determined few take courses throughout spring and summer semesters, all students should keep their academic goals in mind while enjoying a break from the vigorous scholarly life of being an Eastern Michigan University Eagle.

Here are the top five tips

1)     Read!

In order to become a great writer, one has to read constantly. This summer, take some time every day to lie in a hammock and put your nose in a book or magazine. Be sure to take note of different writing styles that catch your attention.

Also, keeping up with relevant news within the industry and trending PR practices is necessary for any student hoping to thoroughly succeed in some of the more demanding PR classes.

2)     Internships can be Legit.

Finding an internship can earn credits that will be counted towards earning a PR degree. Also, internships have become incredibly desirable to employers. Experience in the PR field is at times difficult to acquire, but many different types of companies and non-profits rely on interns for a variety of tasks that can be mutually beneficial for the organization and individual.

The earlier a student starts seeking an internship, the better. Interning can often provide job offers or very beneficial networking opportunities, and the vice president of EMU’s PRRSA chapter has a very long, detailed list of local potential internship options.

Source: SBCC

Source: SBCC

3)     Live the Blog Life.

Something about summer seems to motivate thoughts and spring creativity. Capture the energy of the season’s blooming with a new blog about a personally relevant and interesting topic. Not only will this sharpen one’s writing skills, but the online diary will add a very necessary skill to any PR specialist’s repertoire.

Read blogs about topics that you can become enthralled with, and follow them in your free time. By following respected and successful bloggers, little tricks and tips of theirs will subconsciously influence the readers’ writing as well.

4)     Learn and Master a New Social Media Site

Instead of tweeting about cats, looking at Instagram pictures of cats, “liking” cat memes, or “pinning” new designs for cat houses, find a new way to socially interact online with the cat loving community.

The online presence for companies and organizations is ever-changing, and learning new websites that could possibly be used to represent a client may be advantageous for a young PR practitioner.

5)     Heats Up, Tweets Up!

Spend some free time this summer to establish your Twitter persona a bit. Twitter is used by PR and journalism professionals extensively, so creating personal networks within these communities in imperative.

Relationships and opportunities can build from investing some time on Twitter, so make an effort to become established on this relevant social media platform.


Summer is a time to recharge the batteries and take a break from the constant studying and demands of student life. However, ensuring productive gains are being made will make transitioning into the fall semester much easier.

Take advantage of the lull in deadlines and assignments to become a better versed, written and knowledgeable PR practitioner.

Take some time and enjoy the summer. Anyone who lived in Michigan last winter assuredly deserves it. But, always keep in mind what goals are on the horizon, and continuously work year-round to achieve them.

Kenneth Bowen

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