Use laser tag to sharpen your PR skills

Public Relations have the ability to intermingle with many different facets of the business world and modern-day society. The effects of skilled practitioners can be linked to numerous occurrences within the daily lives of most Americans.

For example, news stories, Facebook posts, tweets, product placements, slogans, branding campaigns and many others could all be linked back to public relations in many instances. You can relate a lot back to PR…like laster tag, for example.

Let’s  ask ourselves, “How is laser tag and public relations similar?”

Teamwork to Make the Dream Work!

While on the laser tag field of battle, knowing a teammate has your six is a comforting feeling. No warrior likes getting their backside zapped, but it’s a risk for anyone who goes it alone.

The business world can seem a bit cutthroat at times. But, if your team trusts and relies on another and works together, navigating the PR industry won’t seem as daunting.

Plan Strategically

Any professional laser tagger will tell you two things. 1) There’s nothing wrong with living in your parents’ basement. 2) War planning is essential. The battle is won or lost before the first laser is even zapped.

If a PR practitioner comes into a board meeting with guns blazing and no strategic planning, the chances of their ideas getting shot down by top-level execs greatly increases. Come up with alternate ideas, and try to consider what the enemy, your boss, will do to derail your efforts. Counter-planning and thinking ahead will always be essential.

Learn the Battlefield

Learning the enemy’s base location should be a top priority. Locating rendezvous points is imperative while maneuvering your laser tag team through enemy terrain. Intelligence should be gathered, and information should be cross-examined with previous after-battle reports.

Research is also essential for any public relations project. Understanding the current business environment and the past successes and failures of clients is necessary in order to make smart, applicable decisions.

EMU PRSSA members

EMU PRSSA members at Laser Tag!

Never Underestimate the Competition

Just because a kid looks like he’s fresh out of fifth-grade doesn’t mean he won’t zap the crap out of your whole team and take the top scorer position right from under your nose.

PR is similar in this sense. A small firm with great ideas can snatch a client if a well-known player in the business isn’t vigilant. Basically, always put forth your best efforts and don’t rest on laurels.

If Zapped, Recharge and Press Forward!

No matter how proficient the laser tagger, someone will always get a lucky shot every now and then. This does not necessarily mean the entire battle is lost, but takes the time to rethink your strategy and ensure the punk doesn’t get the chance to strike again.

If an executive or upper-level management official shoots down an idea or a concept, don’t become distraught with the setback. Instead, go back to the drawing board and find a new solution from the debris of the last attempt. It’s not always the army with the best plan of attack that wins the war, but usually those that can adapt and conjure effective counter-measures will be victorious.

A closing thought: PR encompasses many different threads of our culture, and finding motivation to become an elite practitioner can be related to most real-life scenarios. In order to become successful, find ways to intertwine other life lessons into your career and there will be a noticeable difference in how situations and dilemmas are approached.

Ken Bowen
Vice President

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  1. Some truly excellent points Ken!

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