Speed Mentoring: A night of learning and networking

Last week, EMU PRSSA hosted the 3rd Annual Speed Mentoring. The event was an all-around success that left a lot of students feeling more comfortable with their personal brands and their future careers.

For those who don’t know, Speed Mentoring is a lot like Speed Dating. Instead of making a romantic connection, you make a professional connection.

We had eight mentors from all over the metro Detroit and Ann Arbor area. Our mentors included Michael Savoni from General Motors, Sharon Apollo from EMU, Andrea Kenski from Franco PR Group, Joan Witte from Raven Loon, Susan Aumiller from IHA, Matthew Altruda from Bank of Ann Arbor, Kristen Shinaver from Freight Train Public Relations and Carrie Stefanski from Cengage Learning.

Matthew Altruda gives EMU PRSSA e-board member advice at Speed Mentoring

Matthew Altruda gives EMU PRSSA e-board member advice at Speed Mentoring

Students got to sit one-on-one or in groups of two with mentors for five minutes. Even though it was just a quick five-minute conversation, students got a lot of information from the mentors and were able to learn about applying to internships and jobs, ask about personal branding, get career advice and much more.

Here are some of the takeaways from the event:

Blake Hayes: “The best piece of advice I received from the EMU PRSSA Speed Mentoring event was that although its important to have a degree, experience and hard work are what will take you to the next level. The notion seemed to be the consensus among all of the mentors and it was nice to hear that the public relations industry values such attributes.”

Emily Vontom: “Matthew Altruda told Cherese and I that instead of asking to help someone as an intern, tell them what you can do for them and why you’re so good at it. If there is something you want to do but the organization doesn’t really take interns, they probably just don’t have time to manage them. If you go to them with a plan, they’ll be more willing to help you out.”

Daizchane Baker: “Matthew Altruda told me that it’s important to increase my social media presence and tweet reviews to brands. Sharon Apollo advised me to write as much as I can!”

Sophia Williams: “Susan Aumiller told me that her company doesn’t do any television or radio marketing because they wanted to focus locally on the type of people and company. I thought this was good to keep in mind for the future – always remmeber who your audience is.”

“Kristen Shinaver is a freelancer and I found this to be very inspiring. She didn’t initially want her own firm, but she adapted to the market. She reminded me that I need to make things happen for myself and not rely on others.”

“Matthew Altruda said, ‘make sure you find your passion – and go for it!”

Check out more photos from the EMU PRSSA Speed Mentoring Event on our Flickr page.


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