Peter Ternes discusses social media with EMU PRSSA

Peter Ternes, senior social media strategist for General Motors, recently spoke at  our PRSSA meet in Tuesday, March 4. Ternes spoke of major points in public relations, including reputation management, social media management and relationships with customers.

Ternes, who has worked for various car brands, advised that being innovative with your brand earns a positive reputation. Jobs in PR often involve aiming for the largest reach, using tools and keywords and placing products in advertisements. For example, use Google+ to have your brand show up first in searches and using contests to entice customers are important concepts to understand and utilize. When customers feel engaged, it creates a social media relationship that humanizes your brand.

Peter Ternes

Peter Ternes

 Communication, Ternes stressed, is very important, especially in the case of GM, a company who always aims for transparency. The recent Corvette Museum sinkhole is a mishap that brought much attention to the GM brand as they used crisis management to remedy the situation.

Social media works hand-in-hand with marketing and customer service to bestow the best quality and image for people

Ramone Williams
Member, Guest Blogger

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