Breaking down Reddit for the PR Professional

Taking on Reddit as a public relations professional could be an incredibly daunting task. However, if done correctly, it could reach a market that is known for its honesty.

According to Reddit, the website had over 112 visitors in January 2014 and reached more than 190 countries. Not to mention all of the content sharing.

How many times have you been on Facebook and seen Reddit posts pop up on your feed? For me it has been a lot! I have always been intrigued by Reddit, but a little bit too intimidated to get involved.

Source: UWire

Source: UWire

Luckily, Reddit has an explanation about how the website works. It became increasingly apparent that Reddit is all about the community. Members can submit everything from bug fixes to hilarious memes. It has built a family-like environment that members really appreciate.

Redditors can vote on which stories they like and those are then displayed on the homepage showcasing the number of votes they received. You can look at different categories, too, including: hot, new, controversial and rising. Overall, the website is really cool once you get the hang of using it.

Sure, the website is entertaining, but does it serve a purpose for anything other than wasting time? More importantly, what is the website’s PR potential?

Personally, I thought it was low until I read How to Use Reddit for PR on PR Daily. While the article left the decision to use Reddit up to you, it did include some incredible tips on how to use the content-based site to its full PR potential.

The two most important, in my opinion are:

  • Make sure you follow the rules.
  • Be real.

It is incredibly important to come up with share worthy content that Redditors would not think is spam or random advertising. They will tear you to shreds and then share your #fail to the world. Redditors are honest and can tell when they’re being played. Use your time in the community wisely – and do a lot of research!

Although Reddit can be incredibly intimidating, by sharing well researched content, even the most unseasoned PR pro can tap into the network’s unlimited potential.

Shelby Lane
EMU Student
Guest Blogger

One response to “Breaking down Reddit for the PR Professional

  1. Great post! Unlocking the Reddit vault is a PR professional’s dream.

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