Social media and business: Being likeable in the online world

According to co-founder of Likeable Media Dave Kerpen, there are many things

Source: Blog Business World

Source: Blog Business World

businesses still don’t know and still aren’t doing right in the social media world. Many businesses think that they just need to tweet every once in a while or “like” a Facebook post and that will constitute being involved with social media.

However, this is NOT how businesses should be using social media.  

In fact, Kerpen believes it would be better not to have any social media accounts at all if this is all they would be used for. According to Kerpen, there are five main things to keep in mind when indulging in social media as a business.

Listen First and never stop listening: Before you tweet or get involved in any social media site, do some research. Find out what consumers are looking for in relation to your business and find out what you can provide for them.

Don’t demand that customers/consumers “like” or “follow” your business: Instead of telling your customers that they need to follow you on Twitter or Like you on FaceBook, show them how they can engage and interact with you on these various sites and show why they would want to interact your business.

Ask questions: Interacting on social media is about engaging in conversations and discussion topics with your audience.  Instead of just advertising all your sales, promotions, etc. ask your audience a question and get them involved in what they are looking for.

Share pictures/Videos: Facebook became so popular because of its photo sharing options and capabilities.  Videos and pictures keep the audience interested and appeals to the “human interest” aspect of marketing.  Let your audience be a part of your business, more than just steals and deals.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day on social media: In order to become more familiar with social media and what it has to offer you need to spend as much time as possible exploring each site’s options and determining what is best for your business.  You can’t stay up to date on all of the latest if you only sporadically visit or “skim” through timelines and news feeds.  Be an active participant in your businesses’ social media strategy.

Here’s a recent interview Kerpen did talking about being “likeable” in the online world.

Amber Ratliff
Vice President of Community Relations

2 responses to “Social media and business: Being likeable in the online world

  1. Social media is something that is still so new that I think a lot of businesses are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the concept of putting it all out there. It’s such a powerful tool if used correctly to reach the whole consumer base and also to bring more consumers to your table. The most useful tool a person who is graduating college can bring into the job field is the confidence and competence to run a social media site for their employer. People are doing incredible things with technology. Something like this is HUGE! There’s no reason for it to stop short of its capabilities.

  2. This was such an interesting blog. I LOVED the video with Dave Kerpen. Bringing up the idea that in the social media world you need to be just as likeable online as you are offline. And to think of social media websites like a “cocktail party”. It’s all about being a great story teller and a great listener. I will definitely take this advice as I pursue a degree in PR. Thank you for writing this!

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