Time for a “Spring” Break!

Midterms are over. Spring is (hopefully) almost here. (The warmer weather the past two days was a nice break from that Polar Vortex, huh?)

And if you’re as lucky as I am right now, you’re on mid-winter break at this very moment. You’re off school for more than a week at this point and you’re so excited until…oh.

Wait. That’s right…you have no fun plans for your time away from school.

Source: HireDePaul

Source: HireDePaul

Luckily, you’re not alone.  I don’t have any fun plans for break, either. I’m going to work, hit up the gym as often as possible and work on my website. But if you really have nothing to do, here are some ideas.

Research your dream companies. So, you wanna work for Google? That’s nice. Do some research; especially if the only reason you want to work for Google is because they’re so popular. Learn about the organizations and look at their current job openings. Anything you could do? Cool! Write sample cover letters (or a real cover letter if you graduate in April) and take note of the kinds of jobs you like from this company.

Research summer internship opportunities. Summer, believe it or not, is right around the corner. In just a few short months we’ll all be relaxing on the lake with a delicious glass of lemonade in hand as we float without a worry in the world. Oh, but that’s not all you’re gonna do this summer. You’re gonna land an awesome internship in PR, marketing or social media because you spent the time researching and applying for them during this week long break you have coming up.

Fix that resume! Yikes! Still have that 10th grade babysitting job on your resume? Might wanna remove that. Oh, and probably remove your high school from education, too. Add any relevant experience you’ve gained since your last resume update. Add a pop of color if you want to get a job with a more creative organization. Just make sure it’s looking good and ready for any last minute reasons to pass it along.

We only get a break, and while it’s not that much time to do a LOT of work on your personal brand, it’s enough to help you get some things done!

Now, get to work!

Emily Vontom

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