8 Useful and Free Apps for PR Professionals

Ten years ago, cell phone were simply another piece in a professional’s briefcase. Today, cell phones are a professional’s briefcase.

With the magic of smart phones and the apps that we use on them, resources such as email, to-do lists, specialized clocks and even banking can all be done at our fingertips.

PR professionals have more reason than ever to capitalize on the efficiency that a smartly loaded phone can bring their business. These eight apps are sure to help a PR pro in any level of the industry – even if that level is a student.

Source: OU Impressions

Source: OU Impressions

LinkedIn This app is essential to professionals – it can be used as an online resume and networking resource where professionals can meet and stay connected. As many of us college kids would define it, “Facebook dressed in suits.” And, speaking of Facebook…

Facebook Pages This app is much more useful to PR practitioners than the standard Facebook app, because it allows users quick access to things like analytics and performance measurements. Users can also respond to managed page messages and see what other pages are doing.

Google Drive This app stores documents in Google’s cloud drive, which means basically unlimited potential for users creating new projects. It is also very helpful in allowing users to edit one another’s documents in real time, which is a huge help in collaborative work.

1Password How many times have you set up a new account with a website only to forget your password the very next day and find yourself locked out? Or, worse yet (like me!), used the same password for all of your accounts with a slight variation depending on site requirements and forget which variation you used? Well – no more! 1Password is able to come up with very secure passwords for accounts and, unlike you, will not forget them. The app is even capable of emailing you reminders and hints of passwords that might be temporarily escaping your memory.

Skype This one is pretty obvious, as was LinkedIn, but as PR professionals, the importance of client connection can never be overstated. What better way to stay connected than face-to-face communication – even if a client is an ocean away? This app is perfect for just that occasion.

TeuxDeux This cleverly titled app is a personal organizer that is stylish, tidy and easy to use. What more could a PR pro dream of? Users can enter tasks and cross them off once completed. PR professionals are bound to enter and accomplish more tasks in a day than some people would in a week, which simply goes to show the necessity of using this app.

DropBox Similar to Google Docs, this app allows users to store more content on a cloud drive hosted by the app. Dropbox is widely used across college campuses and workplaces alike, and the ease of access to a network makes this app definitely worth your time.

Slice This app allows users to keep track of their online purchases by storing receipts for them! In a professional like PR, where event planning falls under the realm of responsibilities, it is imperative that PR pros stay organized with everything – including money.

These are just few of many apps that will considerably help lighten the load for PR pros. As they’re freed from the massive briefcases stuffed with documents, planners, the need for organization and order is resolved with smart phones.

What other apps do you like to use that could help PR pros (and students!) lessen their workload?

Erin Miller
EMU Student
Guest Blogger

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