Appropriate social media use at work

There are millions of people on social networks at this very second, but how many are using their phones to check social media on their phones at work? According to a study, these statistics found that the average person checks their phone up to 110 times every day.

Source: Edudemic

Source: Edudemic

Remember that time when Sen. John McCain got caught playing poker during a senate hearing about whether or not we were going to take action against Syria? Not only was he caught, but he was caught during a crucial time when everyone should have been paying attention. This wasn’t an appropriate use of cellphones or social media.

To avoid problems like this, here are some tips for using social networks at appropriate times, so you don’t hurt yourself or others when you aren’t paying attention.

If you’re at work, you probably shouldn’t have your personal phone out unless you work somewhere and your personal phone is also your business phone and your job is to be on the phone. It’s very rude to be on your phone at a time when someone is paying you.

Don’t expect that just because you’re around a co-worker that you should be allowed to tweet. You should be professional and respectful of the others around you. How do you expect to form work friendships if you’re always on your phone?

Put yourself in the position of another person. Think about how you would feel if someone was playing on his or her phone while you were talking – business or social setting!

Using these tips in the world of business will help keep both employers and employees from feeling offended by the constant distractions that are cell phones.

Kayla Hensley
Guest Blogger
EMU Student

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