Favorite links from the week

It’s Friday! Aren’t you excited?

I don’t have the day off, but I know some of our EMU PRSSA members and students do, so I want to share this list of some of my favorite reads from PR blogs this week. (Check out my favorite blogs list, too!)

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

Blogging is one of the most important things a student can do, do you know why? Well, NYC PR GIRLS let’s one reader know when they ask, “should I start a blog?”

Happy Birthday Facebook! Everyone’s favorite social network turned 10 years old this week! Holy cow! I’ve been on for just over 9 years and celebrate my 10th year anniversary with Facebook in January 2015. How long have you been on? Well, anyway, Mark Zuckerberg envisioned Facebook a bit like this back in 2004…

If there’s one thing us PR students can’t learn very well in a classroom setting, it’s pitching reporters. It’s an artform and there are a lot of tips out there on how to do it. Here’s one former journalists advice for pitching reporters via PR Daily.

You know those crazy publicity stunts you see all over the place? Like on Washtenaw, when that crazy Statue of Liberty person is outside of the tax place in 0 degree weather trying to get people to come in to get their taxes done? Well, do you think they work? Shift Communications takes a look.

Ever worked in retail? I have. It’s stressful and can sometimes feel really…well, hard. But you’re learning some valuable lessons there, and here are some of them from That Working Girl.

Emily Vontom

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