Prepare for midterms now before it’s too late

Can you believe the semester is nearly half over already? Didn’t we just start, oh, like, two weeks ago? Sure seems like it.

But, alas, midterm exams are nearly upon us and you might be a little bit stressed in a few weeks. But, you can start to elevate that stress now, you know!

You’re probably thinking, “Really? How?” And I was thinking that, too, as I sat and typed this blog post. But, the reality is, you can start changing your habits now to make for a successful week of midterms.

Source: Peer Transfer

Source: Peer Transfer

Get sleep! I know, I know. You’re a college student and days of sleeping from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. are the norm. But, they don’t have to be. Yes, I know, you stay up that late to study, but you don’t have to. Do you stay up late and sleep in to make up for that missed time? Stop doing that. Go to bed early, rise early and get more done. Studies show that morning people are more successful!

Go to the gym. “But I don’t have time to study let alone go to the gym!” Make time! Going to run at the Rec/IM for even 30 minutes will help your body unwind and it’ll give you more energy. Even just a couple times every week. Instead of watching your favorite TV show, go to the gym. They have TVs there, if you’re lucky, you can change the channel to watch Pretty Little Liars or Vampire Diaries or whatever your heart desires. And you’ll burn calories and be healthier.

Read your notes. I always handwrite my notes in class and then go home and type them. It helps the information stay in my brain. Taking a couple hours to reread all your class notes now will help you keep that information in your brain and even stimulate ideas on how the new material relates to old material.

Schedule study time. Use a planner? Good, use it to plan study time. Write down when and where you will study and stick with it. Sticking to a routine now will help you at midterm time and finals time.

Utilize tutoring resources! EMU has some great tutors at the Holman Success Center. Some departments offer tutoring, too! These are great resources. Even if you understand the material, tutors can provide excellent tips on studying and staying organized.

Stop procrastinating now! Your paper is due in April? That’s great, start it now. You’ll thank yourself in April when your paper is done and your relaxing in your dorm or apartment while your fellow procrastinators are up until ungodly hours writing a paper that could have been done weeks ago. Kicking that habit now will only help you when it comes time for exams.

How do you prepare for midterms? How do you stay on track?

Emily Vontom

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