Blog must reads for every PR student

I used to love reading. And then I decided to be a history major in undergrad and, well, reading kinda became my least favorite thing. And then blogs became popular and now I love to read those.

So, here are some of my favorite PR blogs that I thought EMU PRSSA members and PR students could learn from.

Source: EReleases

Source: EReleases

PR Daily The countless number of blogs I see and/or read on a daily basis from PR Daily is just fabulous. The information and tips they offer help inspire me on a daily basis and I can’t get enough of their articles.

NYC PR Girls These girls are awesome. Not only do they let you into secrets about the PR world, they do a lot of lifestyle blogging and fashion posts, too! Which, let’s be real guys, a lot of PR girls (and some guys) just love! Definitely a must read.

Spin Sucks Another great blog that offers a lot of great tips and information. While I don’t read this blog as much as PR Daily, when I do read it, I find treasure after treasure.

prTini This blog is great because there’s a lot of technology and social media articles (not that the others don’t have it, but Heather has a lot more!). If you want information on new trends in social media, technology and PR this is the blog for you!

 What are your favorite PR blogs?

Emily Vontom

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