Top 10 Reasons to Join EMU PRSSA (Polar Vortex Version)

With Mother Nature giving everyone a blistery welcome this winter, cabin fever may be creeping into the lives of some Eagles around campus.

Should you feel the need to break the monotony of being bored and stuck indoors, there is a student organization that could use some fresh faces and can even help with the dullness that is accompanying these subzero temperatures.

Brrr! Source: Business Week

Source: Business Week

But, if escaping boredom from the cold isn’t reason enough, here is a list of the Top 10 reasons to join EMU’s PRSSA Chapter this semester.

10. Meet new people: There are students that all have unique interests, stories and backgrounds. But they also have a common interest in public relations. Our meetings are interactive and offer an opportunity to meet new people with the same career goals.

9. Access to events: Functions and events are constantly being introduced to PRSSA members. This year, members have attended a Detroit Piston’s sports PR panel as well as the game afterwards, the PRSSA National Conference in Philadelphia and we hosted the Student Development Conference in December! And that was just fall semester! The end of the year party is being planned as well as great events like Speed Mentoring and a media panel. You don’t want to miss out on the fun.

8. It’s warm at meetings: Our meetings run from 5:30 p.m. to roughly 6:45 p.m. twice a month on alternating Tuesdays (check out the schedule here!). It’s just the right amount of time to defrost in the Student Center before heading out into the frozen tundra.

7. Learn your profession: Meetings are focused on the PR industry and all the intricacies that go into being a practitioner. If you are majoring in public relations, communications, journalism or any other related field, and understanding of PR is a must. Why not be better prepared for your career before you graduate?

6. Chance to be on an executive board: There are opportunities to serve on the e-board and practice the profession with other students who are passionate about PR. Certain positions are often readily accessible for even brand new members if they can take on the responsibility and time commitment!

5. Resume booster: Not too many undergraduate students have resumes that are packed with experience. The job market is competitive and there is a need for relevancy when starting to give reasons to be hired. Don’t wait until the diploma is in your hands to realize that you are underequipped for the job search.

4. Learn essential skills: Nobody is born with an understanding of the different facets that encompass the PR world. Everyone has to take time to learn their specialized craft. Knowledge and imperative advice are offered at meetings by fellow members, advisors and guest speakers.

3. Networking: Often, great jobs come along because of knowing the right people. The chances are slim you’re not going to find those people sitting on your couch. Step up the hustle and get out to meet potential business connections. Sometimes your dream job is just a handshake away.

2. Learn from professionals in the PR industry: PRSSA members who attend meetings are offered exposure to specialists with years of experience in the PR industry. Why wouldn’t you want to learn about their tricks and tips when dealing with every day tasks and challenges? Years of experience are available for anyone interested, so don’t hesitate to broaden your PR repertoire ASAP.

1. Be productive: Put down the video game controller. Step away from the Netflix. Learn something useful.

Bundle up and head to one of our meetings, we promise it will be worth your time, and, if you join, worth your money!

Ken Bowen
Vice President

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