Other skills every PR pro should have

As passionate future PR professionals, we take great pride in our schoolwork and internships. A lot of us spend a lot of time on our personal brands through social media or blogging.

But, believe it or not, there are some other things you should be doing before you graduate to make you a more desirable job candidate.

Obviously, having experience through internships and that degree are the most important, but there are some other skills you should have to impress potential employers, too.

Source: All Pro Dad

Source: All Pro Dad

Coding. It’s kind of tedious to think about coding. You know, HTML or CSS or the even fancier stuff. I’m not saying you have to be a professional coder, but knowing the basics of HTML and CSS can go along way on a resume and in an interview.

Adobe. I don’t mean Acrobat (though, there are some things you should know how to do!). I’m talking about Photoshop. InDesign. Illustator. DreamWeaver. These are all beyond helpful – personally and professionally. If you can use any of these with basic understanding, you’re on your way.

Photograpy. We can’t all be Annie Leibovitz or Randee St. Nicholas, but being able to take decent pictures at events is a skill that not many people have. Even being able to whip out your iPhone at a moments notice and taking a picture for a press release is something some people just can’t do.

Why are these skills so important? Because they make us more well-rounded job candidates and offer expertise to roles that other people might not be able to bring. Even a weekend course on any of these subjects can go a long way. Or, consider taking an elective in any of these courses while at EMU.

Emily Vontom

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