Make your New Year’s Resolutions count

New Years is known for two things: parties and resolutions.

Resolutions are an aphorism for bringing in the new year, but it is also a common tradition to not follow through on your list of resolutions. Breaking them is as almost as much of a tradition as making them.

Why is that? Make 2014 different and more memorable by fulfilling all of your goals with these simple thoughts.

Source: News Hoks

Source: News Hoks

Do it with a friend! If your goal was really that simple, you probably would have accomplished it years ago! Having a friend with you as motivation makes all the difference. A support structure is helpful even if both of you are not trying to achieve the same resolution.

Make attainable goals! Everyone wants to be Superman when it comes to those New Year’s Resolutions. But, the truth is, if you were super, you probably wouldn’t need to make any. Take your goals one step at a time. If you want to cut sweets out of your diet, don’t cut them out cold turkey! Instead, only eat sweets on weekends or if you need sweets to be a part of your daily diet, just have something small once a day until you’re not even missing them.

Share! Talk about your achievements, no matter how small, with other people. Testifying (not bragging!) motivates others to do the same.

Experience joy while accomplishing resolutions! Have fun. It is known that when you love what you do, you do it well. Enjoy doing your resolutions so it won’t become a failing task.

Make a new year’s project. A list of resolutions is so cliché and boring. It’s like a to do list on the fridge that you pass by multiple times a day and cringe every time you see it. Some fun projects include making a vision board, creating a book or writing a blog.

Remember: you were not limited to the end of 2013 to write down ALL of your resolutions. You have the whole of 2014 to come up with new goals and accomplish old ones. Pace yourself and have fun.

Happy New Year!

Gabrielle Burgess-Smith
Vice President of Public Relations

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