EMU PRSSA to bring Michelle Rogers, Southeast Michigan Media Lab to Jan. 21 meeting

Michelle Rogers, director of community engagement and editorial training for Heritage Media’s parent company and director of the Southeast Michigan Media Lab, will share a presentation about the media lab, located in downtown Ypsilanti, at EMU PRSSA’s Jan. 21 meeting.

The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. in the Student Center, room 301. Michelle will begin her presentation at 6 p.m.

Source: Heritage.com
Source: Heritage.com

Michelle is an award-winning journalist and editor, most recently serving as managing editor of the Heritage Media-West, eight weeklies and the website Heritage.com, is now running a community outreach project that brings readers inside the newsroom as news-sharing partners.

She will talk about the lab’s free workshops and training in social media, video, audiocasts, news writing, photography and other digital tools. She will also talk about parent company Digital First Media’s efforts to recruit blogging partners in Michigan for TheOaklandPress.com, MacombDaily.com, DailyTribune.com, TheNewsHerald.com, Heritage.com and other sites.

Through her role at the media lab, Michelle, a 1991 EMU graduate who majored in journalism and political science, has helped the Saline chamber set up social media channels, helped local business owners write news releases about their successes, assisted a local company in setting up a YouTube channel to share product demonstration videos, and she has worked with scores of local writers and business professionals to develop blogs linked to Digital First Media news sites across Michigan.

Michelle has been experimenting with digital storytelling tools and social media to help move journalism forward since August 2010, when she was named to her parent company’s ideaLab. Select staff from across the country and in different departments were given a smartphone, iPad and netbook, and encouraged to be innovators. The media lab is her current project and was approved for funding by the company in April 2012.

In addition to her work in the media lab, Michelle trains journalists across the state in news media and social media, and oversees community engagement efforts.

For more information about the media lab’s workshops, join the lab on Meetup. Follow the media lab on Twitter @communitymediaL and like it on Facebook. More information can be found under the “about” page.


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