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In Friday, Dec. 6, EMU PRSSA hosted the 16th Annual Student Development Conference. More than 30 students from Eastern Michigan University attended the event to see four guest speakers talk to students about personal branding, changes in the PR world, and career development.

Thank you to everyone who came out to join us – we had a great time last Friday with each and everyone of you. We hope you learned a lot and are more excited about your future careers. Super special thank you to our speakers, too! We couldn’t do this without you!

Take a look at our recap of the day as we bring you the best advice of what each speaker had to offer our students! Check out all of the Tweets from the day with hashtag #emusdc!

Matt Friedman of Tanner Friedman



  • Social media has changed public relations – mostly for the better. It has enabled clients to tell stories in more personable and sharable ways.
  • Social media won’t do everything for you, it’s not the be all-end all. But it is a powerful tool you can do well with.
  • In the past five years, agencies have had to become a lot more nimble. You need to be as good at as many things as you possibly can and you have to know a lot to be successful.
  • To be successful, stay on top of the news and trends outside of your circle.
  • To some extent, social media has made PR pros lazy. You can post to social media, but that should never be an entire marketing or promotions plan.
  • Good interns know when to ask for more work and when to ask questions. Disappointing interns are only their for credit.
  • Keep in touch with the people you worked with at their internship. Send Christmas cards, reach out via LinkedIn! STAY IN TOUCH!
  • Figure out what your internship does and WHY they do it. It’s a good experience for you, and the company, to learn from.
  • Professional communicators should be doing communications, the professionals should be doing what they do best.

DonMcLean of Airfoil Group


  • Do anything possible to get yourself to be where you need to be
  • How do you become the best? Take your passion to new heights. If you want to be the best, then do everything possible to be it.
  • Everyone has a personal brand! You might be the “dollar store” version of yourself right now, but you can grow!
  • People do judge a book by it’s cover, so put forward the best version of yourself! That includes your attire!
  • The Eight “Ates” of Personal Branding: Renovate, Participate, Elevate, Appreciate, Captivate, Orchestrate, Innovate and CELEBRATE!
  • Find anything to open your mind and help you innovate!
  • Go to as many networking events as possible. PRSA Detroit is a great organization to network with!
  • Google yourself and know what is out there about you on the Internet!
  • Reserve your name on social network, even if you aren’t using them, it’s good to learn and know them anyway.
  • Don’t put off toda w

Christine Olszewski + Alex Sherbow from Eisbrenner PR

  • Your resume is YOU in black + white.
  • Agencies are more concerned about what’s in your resume than what it looks like. Don’t get too fancy unless you’re going for a creative job.
  • Brag about yourself!
  • If you’re applying for a PR job and your resume and cover letter aren’t well written, you probably won’t get an interview.
  • PR people are writers and editors, if you apply for a job with an agency, they’re going to notice if you make a mistake.
  • Keep the resumes to one page.
  • RELEVANT experience is an absolute must.
  • Include power words (something that tells action, shows you did something) on your resume!
  • Everyone has written a press release, show how many/how much coverage you’ve gotten from them.
  • The art of “thank you” notes is not dead! When sending them, include something personal and show your connection with the interviewer. A hand written letter is better than an email.
  • Key skills you learn in PR internships: research, writing, media relations, social media, deadlines, teamwork, communication and much, much more!
Emily Vontom

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