Secret campus places to get your study on

Sometimes it’s hard for Eastern students to study on campus. There are numerous social media postings about how hard it is to study in the Halle Library because it’s too loud or how there are too many distractions at the Student Center.

Source: EMU Photos

Source: EMU Photos

But, I’ve found a lot of places that I like to study at, so allow me to indulge you in my list of study favorites…

Pease Auditorium and Quirk Theater – In the evening, these places hold musical concerts and plays, but when you visit during the day, the entire place is usually desolate, allowing you to become the Phantom of the Studies. But, there are acting classes that use Quirk, so be aware!

Eagle Study Tables – These are located on the first floor of Halle Library towards the Information Commons South. They are quiet study tables near the Writing Center with assistants available to help you if you need help – very resourceful.

Any classroom building – Whether it’s Pray Harrold, Mark Jefferson Science Complex or the College of Business, you can often find empty and open classrooms to study in. Just look at the signs near the doors to see if any classes will be interrupting your study sesh. If nobody is scheduled, just take a seat and and enjoy the silence. Also, the top floors of PH are great because they mostly house offices and very rarely see class traffic.

Rec/IM – The second floor has a vast array of tables to study at as well as watch some TV if you need a break. If homework is stressing you out, you can take a study break and hit the weights in the Fit Room or swim some laps in Jones Pool!

Student Organization Offices – Join a student org and get the benefits of their great offices in the Student Center! EMU PRSSA e-board officers hold regular office hours, so just pop in when they’re there and join them for a study date.

Outside – EMU’s campus is beautiful in the early warm days of spring and during the summer, and even into the crisp, warm autumn. Plus, there are plenty of great places to study outside. Try the benches near the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue between Welch, Boone and Ford halls or anywhere near the “older” part of campus. It’s less busy than near the Student Center and hustle and bustle of Pray-Harrold. Plus, the squirrels are friendly and like to say “hi!”

Scott Mullin
Chief Financial Officer

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