PRSSA takes in a Pistons game

EMU PRSSA recently went to a Detroit Piston’s game and, before the game we participated in a sports communication panel.


The panelists included:

  • Keith Lanlois – website editor & official beat writer
  • Naomi Patton – Palace Sports & Entertainment senior director of public relations
  • Shannon Hogan – Fox Sports Detroit reporter for the Pistons, Tigers, Red Wings and college hockey
  • Lauren Harper – Palace Sports & Entertainment website coordinato
  • Rick Mahorn – Former Detroit Pistons player

The panelists gave students great advice, but the majority of the advice was directed to the women in the audience from the women on the panel. They wanted the ladies to know what it was like to work in a predominately male work environment.

At first, everything the panelists told us seemed like common sense, but they took it much further than just scraping the surface of an issue.


Here is some of their advice.

  •  If you act like a joke, people will treat you like a joke. Watch what you say and do and be careful about how you act and how you dress. Sometimes, as a woman, you might feel cheated, but remember it is much deeper than that. You want to be THE BEST out of everyone, not the best woman on the team. Treat everything like a learning experience.
  • Social media is important, and if you don’t think a future employer won’t check your Twitter or Facebook, you’re wrong. You could lose a job because of your social media accounts.  A lot of the panelists emphasized that it can be a weak spot for an individual or organization if not used properly. Keep it clean, know the rules and the trends. Use social media to your advantage!

Overall, EMU PRSSA had a great time at the game! Plus, the Piston’s won – which is always nice. At the end of the game, we got to go down onto the court and shoot hoops and pretend to be (W)NBA players.


Go Pistons!

Gabrielle Burgess-Smith
Vice President of Public Relations
Ramone Williams

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