Top reasons to attend SDC!

SDC16 Logo

In just a few short days, on Friday, Dec. 6, EMU PRSSA will be hosting it’s 16th annual Student Development Conference.

SDC is an important part of our Chapter and has been for a while now. SDC is our main fundraiser every year, plus we get to connect our members with professionals in the community and offer professional development opportunities that students otherwise might not get.

Source: Adrianne Russell

Source: Adrianne Russell

But, for a little more detail on all of that – check our top reasons to attend SDC (in no particular order)!

Fundraise for EMU PRSSA! We only charge $10 for admission – and part of that goes to pay for your lunch. Every little bit helps our Chapter! The more money we raise this year, the more cool things we can do next year. For example, if we raise an extra $100 this year, we can put that $100 towards somebody’s national conference registration or use that money to pay for a membership for somebody who cannot afford it.

Resume critique! You have a resume, and you’re pretty proud of it…but, wait, who has looked at that resume of yours? A professor? A family member? A friend? Did you know we have a real hiring manger coming to SDC? This person works in PR. She works with PR professionals on a daily basis – they help hire them. This person knows what agencies and corporations are looking for in the people they hire. This is worth the $10 registration fee.

Yummy, yummy food! Alright, we all love food – so obviously, lunch is a really good reason to attend SDC. This year, we’re having some delicious Italian fare. We can’t wait to dive into pasta.

Network, network, network! Besides networking with your fellow PRSSA members, there are other cool people you can network with, too. People from other PRSSA Chapters (Wayne State, Toledo, University of Michigan – Dearborn are some who came last year!) attend this event, as do students from EMU who aren’t part of PRSSA. Meeting like-minded students can do wonders for your own motivation and dedication to the field of PR.

Hear from real professionals! We all love Lolita and Gina’s classes (admit it, you love your PR classes!), but, let’s face it, we can only get so much from a classroom setting. At SDC, you’ll get to hear real life stories from real life professionals who actually work in the field. You’ll hear “war stories” from their experiences in PR, get to know what it’s like to work in an agency and have your questions answered. All of this from people who actually work in the agency setting. (Fact: All of our speakers this year are currently employed at PR agencies!)

Advance yourself and your future career! It’s great going to class and getting an A. And hey, that internship at The Red Cross is great, too. But the fact of the matter is – you need more! You need to go to events like this to learn new tricks, you need to have more than one internship and you need to meet people and network. This is what SDC is for! To get you excited for your future!



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