Words of wisdom for upcoming PR graduates

For some of us, graduation is right around the corner.

We are all very much aware of the dubious job market and want to be able to utilize our expensive degrees.

To ensure a successful transition into employment there are three plans to utilize in the months leading up to graduation.

Source: Van Comm

Source: Van Comm

First, you should be visiting the University Advising Career Development Center located at 200 McKenny Hall. An appointment is required, so call first – 734.498.0400. The ACDC will help you build a resume, assess your skills for a certain job, look for job openings and help with cover letters.

Second, you should try to gather as many letters of recommendation as you possibly can from your student career. These can be from professors, internships, co-ops or volunteer experiences. It helps to know what job you are applying for first so the letters will be more tailored to the employer/position.

Finally, start marketing yourself. Don’t hesitate to use your network connections. Shout it from the rooftops that you are looking for employment and that any company would be lucky to have you. Ask neighbors, family, friends, fellow church members – anyone you can! – if they know about any job openings. One way to get these conversations is to ask people what they do for a living, it always helps to know someone at the company you are applying to.

Graduation is exciting and stressful at the same time. But, as a PRSSA member, hopefully you have gained necessary experience, exposure and insight into the industry which has prepared you for this new chapter in your life.

Marcie Cicciarelli
Vice President of Community Relations

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