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Dustin Krasny took time away from representing U.S.  House of Representatives Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich. to offer advice and wisdom to members of EMU’s PRSSA Chapter.

As someone with extensive experience in Washington, D.C., and an alum of Eastern Michigan University, Dustin was able to showcase the importance of finishing every job – even if it isn’t in your job description.


For example, Dustin attributed himself as a poor public speaker growing up, but public speaking is something he has to do regularly for his job now.

This is why speakers such as Dustin offer such valuable information – there is a connection in every job with public relations. If you become an employee, you essentially represent an organization or brand. With every job, networking and working hard are important tasks that translate well to how people in the public eye are perceived by others.

The more humane and open you are, the more positive feedback one receives.

In the end, he mentions an important point: you can easily sway someone’s opinion  you just have to be confident in what you do.

This wisdom goes a long way, especially for those just getting into public relations. It may not always be about facts, it is about managing them.

Ramone Williams
Guest Blogger, Member

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