What happens when a journalism student takes a PR class?

Journalism has been my passion for the past five years.

Naturally, it has been drilled into my head that public relations is nothing but an easy pay check and brochures. But, now as a senior at Eastern Michigan University taking my first PR class, I am here to say:

I was given the wrong impression.

Each day in my PR class, I am amazed to learn the challenges and accomplishments of PR practitioners. Press releases, event planning, conferences, media kits – that’s a lot of work and a lot of multitasking.

I’ve known the power of journalism and the affect it can have on our country and throughout the world, but I’m now learning how important the impact of PR is, too.

Source: Jason Kintzler

Source: Jason Kintzler

As a journalist, I’m constantly wanting to make a mark on people and make them come back for more. I want to influence the world and avoid the “what ifs.” And now I believe that PR professionals are doing the same thing, but they’re just going about it differently.

I’m also noticing how much we rely on one another. I understand why people change their professions from public relations to journalism or journalism to public relations.

I came into this class not understanding or realizing the similarities. I came into the semester with a negative view of PR. I came into the class uneducated. Public relations is no joke and I’ve sadly never given PR practitioners enough credit.

I’m waiving my white flag on the battle field.

I simply and clearly like PR.

Alyse Lindley
EMU PR Student
Guest Blogger

One response to “What happens when a journalism student takes a PR class?

  1. As someone with a journalism degree, I could not agree more. The worlds are different but the same in so many ways.

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