Do you remember MySpace?

Remember MySpace?

It was the only social media network for teens and adults. But, it was specifically made for musicians.

As Facebook became huge, MySpace slowly faded out of the picture. The birth of Twitter and other networks forced it to disappear from everyone’s mind.

MySpace in now back and more amplified. 

But now, it’s geared towards artists and musicians. Now, the platform is more geared towards music. The platform has given the music industry an opportunity to find unsigned and talented artists. Artists and repertoire (A&R) representatives from record labels can get onto MySpace to find unsigned and talented new artists.

Source: Digital Trends

Source: Digital Trends

The site gives many artists the opportunity to promote their music in a free, online format. They are able to have playlists of their won music and let their fans know about upcoming events that they will be performing at.

Fans of music can connect to their favorite artists and songs in a whole new way. They don’t have to like their Facebook pages or follow them on Twitter to find out about their personal lives, because on MySpace, they can simply connect to their circle.

Circles let fans specifically look into the artists updates on the music and post simply about events. Being in a circle allows fans to create their own playlists or albums. You can share your favorite music with friends in your circle (formally known as your “top eight”!).

With MySpace having these new features for artists, fans and the rest of the general public, it gives public relations practitioners in the entertainment industry to very good option to include MySpace into their social media plans.

MySpace can open up the field of social networking by giving them a chance to open up the new way to connect with not just music artists but record labels, too. It give an open door to connect with A&R representatives and learn more things about other labels.

Even though the site is advertised for artists and fans, it is still made for social networking. Anyone and everyone and sign up for MySpace and connect with friends and even with strangers. PR agencies are able to connect with record labels and publicists are able to connect with artists. MySpace should be given a second chance after a long hiatus from the Internet.

Alicia Gunn
Guest Blogger
EMU PR Student

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