Do you have time management skills?

Wake up. Get ready for school. Class. Class. More class. Work. Student organizations. Meetings. Community. Possibly eating. And, finally, as the day dies down, sleep dances through our minds.

The college student’s life is ridiculously busy these days and that is usually in preparation for our future careers. But, what about the present?

We are all bending over backwards to prepare and develop the skills and abilities we need for our dream jobs. Our generation tends to be very driven towards our goals and I know exactly how that feels. Most days my plate seems to be over flowing, making me wish there were more hours in the day.

Everyone gets the same hours in a day, days in the week, weeks in a month and months in a year. It all depends on how we utilize our time.

Sure, there are those people who work better under pressure and the people who spend too much time surfing the Internet, but, no matter what your excuse is, you should conquer your problems and get on the right track.

The public relations industry is so faced paced that wasting time shouldn’t be an issue. There is almost always going to be something that needs our attention. That goes for just about any industry, too. Lacking time management skills can be detrimental to your career and even your life. The positive is that the only way is up from there so figure out what works for you!

There are a variety of management techniques available but below are some time management tops that have really helped me.

My planner. I live and breathe by this thing. I write down absolutely anything that I need to know. Syllabi? I write down all assignments and readings from them at the beginning of the year. Meetings and events are written down in my planner and on a memo board (those are cool, too!). There are variety of techniques involving calendars that don’t involve pen and paper.

Sticky notes. In addition to my planner, there are always sticky notes within my reach. You never know when you need to jot something down to review later. A pro and con is that they are easily removable so watch out where you stick them.

Keep a clean inbox. Apparently it’s one of the best ways to end your day and start your night – who knew? Not only does it keep you up to date on information and events, but it also helps you de-stress when you see that everything is sorted or deleted the way it should be.

Prioritize with to-do lists. Another great way to manage time – not all tasks are created equally and it’s good to put them in order of importance. I do my to-do lists by day, but I’m sure other methods work just as well, too.

These methods may not work for everyone, but, for some, they work wonders. Blogs are another great resource to learn what else works.

What are ways you stay on track? Do you just wing it through life or do you have time management tools that work for you?

Whatever your method, just remember that we are all human and bound to slip up sometimes. Just learn from your mistakes and continue to grow.

Raven Gardiner
Guest Blogger

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